Who is Romancing the Stones?

Name: Halle Richardson

Email: halle.richardson@gmail.com



Halle Richardson founded Romancing The Stones in June 2010 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style and love of jewelry. Drawn to beautiful pieces, great fashion, and magnificent design, she credits her style and taste to her grandmother, who exposed her to international travel at a young age.  Italy remains as her destination of choice for honing in on her muse but she’s also taken advantage of her opportunities to visit Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Mexico to capture the nuances that make each of these cultures so distinct and stylistically captivating.
  She grew up around the seascapes of Portland, Oregon, the cultural melting pot of Beachwood, Ohio, and the sophisticated strata of Washington, D.C. before landing in the heart of southern glitz, the neo-musical renaissance, and sultry summer chic that is Atlanta, Georgia.
  With a background in medical research and jewelry design (what a combination), she continues to hone her talent for trends and style while studying the history of jewelry design. In a life that has been as dynamic as hers, there are three things that remain constants; earrings are the number one must have jewelry item, her favorite color will reflect her mood, and inspiration springs eternal and abundantly. Romancing the Stones is a blog that celebrates jewelry history and design while being inspired by fashion and all things sparkly.  The craft of jewelry and wanderlust remain paramount in her life.


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