Check out my latest interview below with three sisters based in California who design bold and beautiful statement pieces! Green being my favorite color, I am loving the emerald bag!


Cayetano Interview pg 1

Favorite memory from your jewelry design experience:

The very first time I saw my design in a magazine.  It was so surreal!  I hope I continue to keep that wide-eyed surprise, no matter how many experiences I come my way.

Hardest part of the job:

Balancing what the world wants versus what you think the world should want.  I have a pretty strong design point of view, and sometimes I need to scale back on that and think, will there be more people out there that will enjoy this look? If not, I have to tweak it allow the design to touch a wider audience.

Emerald Clutch


Favorite piece you ever designed and why:

This is hard!  This is like making a mom choose a favorite child.  But if I had to choose one….

I recently created a maternity sash for myself because I’m expecting a baby girl soon. I collaborated with a designer who specializes in sashes and I designed in smaller flowers that incorporate the same natural stones I use in our necklaces.  The end result was stunning.  It’s so personal to me and it combines my love for design and my family together. Who knows, maybe this will be a new line for CLC soon!



Where your designs are sold:

Our designs are sold online on our e-commerce site www.cayetanolegacy.com, on Zappos.com, OpenSky.com, Monoco in Japan, at over fifty local boutiques across the country, and through our Creative Strategists.

celebrity question

I would love to design my dream shoes.  Shoes have always been so tough for me to find. I’m a size 5 so finding my small size is hard. I am also picky about the heel height because my worst nightmare is thinking I’m sexy in sky-high heels, strutting around, but instead am wobbling around like a maniac.

Highlight of your career:

Seeing my designs in print magazines that I love and read such as Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine, etc.



Best place to purchase vintage jewelry (costume or fine) online and brick and mortar?

I love BaubleBar.com and CharmandChain.com because I love to see multiple designers at once (and those two retailers are so easily accessible!).  But my absolute favorite pastime that I just don’t have enough time to do nowadays is hunt for beautiful jewelry at consignment shops.

Something interesting question
I feel guilty about shopping for other jewelry because I’m compelled to wear my own pieces or to promote the brand.  The worst feeling is when I wear a great piece by another designer and people ask if it’s my design.  I feel like I cheated myself.  But there are so many beautiful designs out there, by such talented designers!

celebrityI have a celebrity crush on Paula Patton.  I think she’s unbelievably stunning as well as a talented actress.  She always seems so classy and well kept, and exactly who epitomizes the Cayetano Legacy Collection brand. So if I could design a piece for her, I would die a happy lady.

Who would you say is the most underrated jewelry designer and why?

One of my absolute favorite jewelry designers is Yekky Balingit of Miadore.  He’s based in the Philippines and his aesthetic and designs are truly inspiring.  He has a keen eye for what is beautiful yet knows how to push the limits with his designs.  Here at Cayetano Legacy Collection we did a 6 piece capsule with Miadore during our Holiday collection in 2012 and those pieces flew off the shelf.  I would love to see his designs become more mainstream here in the US and on an international level.

Check out more of their lovely designs here, here or here!