I absolutely love meeting new people in the jewelry industry and a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady by the name of Filecellia Sampson.  I asked her to share with me her experience from the PR side of the industry.  Check out what she said below!

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Favorite memory

I was able to combine my two loves, Jewelry and Fashion. Senior Editor Jennifer Heebner gave me the honor of assisting on one of their shoots, during my internship with JCK. She was amazing and really allowed me to be hands on with the shoot. This is the time I really became a jewelry lover. We received beautiful fine pieces from numerous designers and got really creative with the jewelry. Seeing my name in the credits was one of my greatest achievements!


Something interesting that most people don’t know or understand about being a jewelry publicist:

My position as a jewelry publicist, allows me the freedom to work as an account manager to the retailers. In a really cool way, working with my retail clients enables me to market the product effectively. It’s a wonderful way to engage the consumer directly, receive valuable feedback and interact with the retail staff.

Hardest part

The most challenging, yet rewarding part of my position is educating the consumer on the importance and significance of colored stones. Although, there is a growing interest in the color market, it is imperative to educate all retail stores and media related press on the various gemstones Goshwara works with. To aid us in this mission, I created this wonderful tool, named the ‘Goshwara Guide’. This guide covers everything from the origins of the stones to how you should care for them.

Best Advice

It’s never too late. Continue to grow with your experiences. Be fulfilled in all you do to achieve ultimate balance and peace.

Worst Advice

It’s all about the money!

Best place to purchase vintage jewelry (costume or fine) online and brick and mortar?

The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing on West 23rd… I Love this little shop!


If you could put a piece of jewelry from Gorsharwa on any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would love to see our jewelry on Michelle Obama, she promotes progress and change. Goshwara is progressively changing the look of fine jewelry. A match made in heaven!

Highlight of career

The highlight of my career so far is when I was quoted in Women’s Wear Daily. I never in a million years thought my name would end up in such a prominent publication.

goshwara-amethyst-cocktail-ringWhere your designs are sold:

Our designs are sold nationwide at select Neiman Marcus locations and high-end specialty retailers.

Press photos for Lush Jewels and Sweta Jain

Who would you say is the most underrated jewelry designer and why?

She is an explosive designer by the name of Corenthia Peoples. Her pieces are extremely organic and fresh. I love Corenthia’s design aesthetic, it’s original and I’m excited to see her grow in this industry.

Check out Goshwara here!


har-signature21Photo Credit: Goshwara, Filecellia Sampson, and www.betteridge.com