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Tonight the Miami Heat received their NBA 2011- 2012 Championship rings, designed by the well-known class ring manufacturer Jostens.  The ring ceremony took place at the beginning of Miami’s season opener against the Boston Celtics.  I have been looking for an official picture of the ring to share with you (so if any of you come across one…ahem…Jostens…please feel free to share it with me) but in the meantime I came across this Nike ad which spoke to me as a designer and jeweler.  It depicts the parallel lives of a lone jeweler and Lebron James, both on a journey of a lifetime.  The emotions and experiences along the way are mirrored by both men; anticipation, excitement, frustration, disappointment, and ultimately satisfaction with their respective achievements.  The video reminds me that great success does not happen overnight and that there will be plenty (yes, plenty) of challenges along the way.  Just a reminder that though it rarely feels that way in those moments where I am challenged, to keep going.  With time and dedication, I will get there.  Thank you for following me on this journey.


Congratulations to the Miami Heat squad and I look forward to a very interesting 2012-2013 season!