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I want to be just like Patricia.  She is an amazingly creative executive at 5th & Pacific Companies, Incorporated.  I was lucky enough to work with her during my time at Liz Claiborne Inc., and she continues to offer inspiration to me as I grow in my career.  I asked her for an interview for my blog and lucky for me, with her busy schedule, she made time to answer a few of my questions.  Check out what she had to say about her career in jewelry below:

Name: Patricia Klein

Current company:              5th & Pacific Companies, Inc.

Current Position:                                  Vice President of Accessories Design for The Adelington Design Group at 5th & Pacific Companies, Inc.

Years in the jewelry/accessories business: 20 years

School and education:

Fashion Institute of Technology

Which companies have you designed for:

Joan Rivers, Monet and Liz Claiborne which encompasses a number of brands including: Dana Buchman, Trifari, Kensie, Princess Vera Wang, Private Label and others.

Favorite memory from your jewelry design experience:

One morning I was standing in line at a deli to get breakfast and saw an email that because of our presentation my team and I worked so hard on, we were going to be the designers of Dana Buchman Jewelry. I was so happy that I ended up crying right there in the deli.

In general, my fondest memories are anytime someone appreciates the work we do.

Hardest part of the job:

Having to design things based on sales versus atheistics and having to change something to meet a certain price or cost.

Best advice concerning your career:

Never burn bridges. Always be someone who people can count on, look up to and respect.

Worst advice concerning your career:

People jumping around jobs to make more money or leaving a company just for more money. Be passionate about what you do and the money will follow.

Something interesting that most people don’t know or understand about being a jewelry/accessories designer:

We have to be very cognizant about business objectives; ‘what’s the price point?’, ‘competition?’, ‘what’s selling?’ It’s not just about the designer; we have to understand the overall business plan.

If you could design anything else, what would it be and why:

I have a love for beautiful things so it’d have to be either clothing or interior design. Fashion is a great passion of mine and I use it as an art form to express myself everyday.

Highlight of your career:

One of the highlights of my career has been launching our private label line here. From designing the showroom space, conceptualizing the product and all that the large project entailed, it was quite rewarding to see it all come together in such a beautiful way. Creating a lifestyle and brand vision for Monet which led to the purchase of the brand was another of my highlights.

Best place to purchase vintage jewelry (costume or fine) online and brick and mortar?

That would have to be www.houseoflavande.com and the Paris Flea Markets. Paris is my favorite place to shop for all types of jewelry in general.


If you could design a piece of jewelry for any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Probably Madonna, she’s a chameleon. I love people’s ability to change things up. I could never look the same every day. Dramatic pieces are my favorite to create and I feel like she’s the perfect mix of edgy cool and fashion forward to pull my designs off.

Who would you say is the most underrated jewelry designer and why?

My whole team of designers because they could be working for Tom Ford, YSL or any of the top amazing designers but they just don’t have the connections or opportunities to do so but they are just as talented.

Thanks so much to Patricia for taking the time out to let me pick her brain!


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Photo Credit: Patricia Klein and House of Lavande