I found this great website with such interesting jewelry that fit all budgets.  Its called Boticca and they believe you would rather wear jewelry that is unique and has its own story.  I ended up spending time on the website window shopping and I came up with some ways to pair some of my favorite finds.  Check out my finds below:

Legba Earrings from Boticca, $198.00

Boticca Galazy Scarf – $230.50

Alexander Wang Black Asymmetric ribbed Sweater, $350.00

Gold Snail Ring from Boticca.com, $275.00

I cannot find the original source for this handbag but I found it on Pinterest. You can check out my Pinterest to find out more!

Golden Drip Cuff from Boticca.com, $129.50

Black Leggings with Leather panel detail from Ester.com, $84.00

Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s Sneaker with Rose gold detail – $930.00

Can you tell I’m holding on to summer with my coral color selection?  LOL!



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