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Several weeks ago I attended a jewelry event here in Atlanta and learned how to make my own jewelry sack.  I thought I would share it with you so you can do it at home!


What you will need:

1 Fabric piece for outside of the bag – cut into a circle 6″-8″ in diameter

1 Fabric piece for inside of bag – cut into a circle 6″-8″ in diameter

1 Ribbon


Peel n’ Stick fabric tape

How to create:

1 – Choose one piece of fabric to put tape on.  Turn the fabric over to the non-patterned side or “wrong” side and place a piece of Peel n’ Stick fabric tape as close to the outer edge of the fabric as possible.  Continue placing the tape along the outer edge using 8-12 pieces of tape all the way around.

2 – After placing the tape down, you’ll pick up you second piece of fabric and tape it to the first.  Make certain to tape the non-patterned or “wrong” sides facing each other so only side of the fabric you would like showing is exposed.

3 – Using scissors, cut any excess fabric from the top of your fabric circle.  With the scissors, make 8-12 evenly spaced slits around the edge of the fabric, leaving about 1/4″ from the edge. (Suggestion: fold the circle in half like a taco and cut a small slit on each end of the folded edge.  Open your circle and fold it in half in the opposite direction; cut 2 more slits on the folded edges.  Repeat this step until you have enough evenly spaced holes.)

4 – Take your piece of ribbon and lace the ribbon through each hole, starting from the outside.  After holes have been laced, pull and tie your drawstring.

Final Bag!

Have fun!

Thanks to @seenglobal for showing me this easy DIY!