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Tina Tang is a jewelry designer I came across several years ago while living in New York. I passed by her shop by accident while lost in the city, but her drive to make her business successful as well as her fun and creative designs kept me coming back. I was elated that she allowed me to interview her for this blog because like Fernanda Medina, she inspires me.

Here is what I found out from the inspirational designer:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – All by Tina Tang

Sterling Silver Releaf Necklace by Tina Tang, $165.00

Sterling Silver Squiggle Hoop, $145.00 at http://www.tinatang.com

Sterling Silver Romeo and Juliet Double Dagger Necklace, $195.00 at http://www.tinatang.com

Check Tina out at www.tinatang.com, Facebook page or follow her on Twitter!

I hope you found inspiration to follow your dreams wherever they may lead.


Photos Credit: Tina Tang or http://www.tinatang.com