Love that song…and it was perfect soundtrack for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year.  The show was filled from start to finish with amazingly creative and fun costumes full of fantasy.

The highlight of the show for me: wings that were modeled after a spanish fan.  These specific wings were designed by creative talent Jenny Manik Mercian.  Her work is literally breathtaking!  Check out the design process below.  Be inspired.  I was.

Enjoy!  Thanks Jenny!

The initial fashion sketch to show the overall concept *swoon*

Detailed sketch of the "Spanish fan" wings before production

The beginning of production

Details of the design

The devil and the beauty is in the details...

The fitting before the show

Where all of Jenny Manik Mercian's work pays off! Inspired anyone?!?

Want to see more of her designs?  Check her out here or on her facebook page where I found these great photos she shared with her fans.