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My awesome and beautiful cousin, Brook, wrote a blog posting last week about not taking life for granted.  She spoke to how valuable time with our grandmother has been.  You can check it out here.  That got me to thinking about this ring that my beloved grandmother (we call her Bakka) gave me.  It is 18 Karat gold with a Smoky Topaz center stone.  I wear the cocktail ring at times when I miss her, when I want to feel close to her, when I want to be reminded of how far I have grown with her love and support, or when I am feeling nostalgic for times past.  My grandmother took me on my first overseas trip, she has shown me the value of always challenging myself, the value of education and open-mindedness.  I would never be the woman I am today without her.  Every time I wear this ring, I am reminded of her and how much I have gleaned from her presence in my life.  Thank you Bakka.

Many times jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory, it can be a lifetime of memories.

Enjoy ~

The cocktail ring my grandmother gave me with a picture of my sister and me on vacation in Costa Rica.