Congratulations to the Greenbay Packers for an awesome win at Superbowl 45!  This game, played at the beginning of every year, captures a passion unique to this American ritual.  I hope everyone had enough chips, dip, burgers, wings and drinks to satisfy your needs and deliver the experience you wanted.  I love football and those fantastic rings the winners receive are so brilliantly designed, reflecting this rich American tradition of style and history that makes jewelry so captivating.  Superbowl 2011 Facts: the Greenbay Packers won the  first (and second) Super Bowl and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6, yes 6, of those 45 Super Bowls.  In honor of this holiday (yes. Holiday.), I have decided to post pictures of Super Bowl rings and the design process.  Major design houses compete for the honor of designing the ring each year.  Last year it was Tiffany and Company, who also happens to design the Lombardi trophy each year.  Another frequent designer is Jostens, who happens to design many high school and college rings as well.  I hope you happen to enjoy the pictures!


P.S. Dear Indianapolis Colts, I have never been there but Ill be cheering for you next year, just like every year.

Vince Lombardi Trophy awarded to the Super Bowl winner each year by Tiffany and Company

A bench jeweler working with the rough casting of Super Bowl ring

Last minute inspection of the final product.

Superbowl I - Greenbay Packers 1967 Champion Ring. It interestingly makes a statement with one diamond.

Superbowl 2009 Champs - Pittsburgh Steelers. Each of the large diamonds represents the six Superbowls the team has won.

Indianapolis Colts Superbowl Ring - 2006

New Orleans Saints 2009 Superbowl ring - Sixteen diamonds surrounding the face represent the 16 wins during the 2009 season. Forty-four diamonds circling the entire ring symbolize the 44th Super Bowl.