Welcome to VicenzaOro!

I have been swamped with work since I returned from Italy, but as promised,  I wanted to post some additional pictures from the show.

These shows are always beautifully presented and they are always changing.  Last year we saw a lot of pieces that continued to feature complex, multi-stoned designs that were expressively colorful and stylishly approached, while this year there was more movement to single gemstone arrangements in simple designs which work perfectly for layering different looks to create a one of a kind style.  There was a great deal of green being featured in both jade and emeralds in the high-end design market.  The metalwork was detailed and gorgeous!  Plenty of lightweight gold and platinum pieces were featured  using ornate lace-like detail to cut down on price but allow for a big look.  And many jewelers pulled out their “Lady Di” blue sapphire and diamond rings in tribute to the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Here are some additional pictures for you to enjoy!


Fun and funky chairs where buyers and sellers can rest their feet during a break from the show.

A pretty Sapphire and diamond 18 Karat brooch found in a Verona antique shop. Lovely =-)

Inspiration found! A beautiful gate in Verona, Italy.

Beautiful Tahitian Pearl, Paraiba tourmaline and Diamond pendant at a fair booth

Just a little diamond necklace...for a princess!

Absolutely gorgeous antique diamond earrings in a Venice Antique shop. Wish list!

Moorish jewelry which I found in many jewelry shops in Verona, Venice and Vicenza.