It has been one long and crazy week for me here in Italy.  With the 6 hour time difference (major jet-lag for me), shuttles from airports to hotels to the show, vast quantities of jewelry, diamond buying, picture taking and more pizza than anyone should ever eat, I am exhausted!  Its a good thing I like my job!

If you have ever been to Italy in the winter, you know that there are several staples that you will see during your visit which include freezing weather, plenty of leather goods, mountains of diamonds from the Vicenza fair, and every type of fur coat imaginable!  When Italians do luxury, they do not skimp on the details.  I have even seen women riding their bicycles with furs on!

I must say the highlight of this visit to Italy was the jewelry for me.  Not only did I see some awesome designs at the VicenzaOro show, but in the jewelry shops in Verona and Venice as well.  Amazing antique, funky venetian glass and modern styled jewelry could be found around every corner.  I love it.  I wish you all could be here to tour the city for great jewelry finds with me.  Since that isn’t an option, I wanted to share some pictures of what I saw during this trip.  It will have to be in 2 postings because there was just too much to see!  Ill definitely have a trend spread to share with you later on too!

Thanks for checking in on the blog and I cannot wait to post during the upcoming months when I visit NY and Washington, DC.



P.S. Ill be in Paris overnight tomorrow, so who knows what I will find there!!

Valente - an exhibitor at the show this year

Cameos were very popular this year

One of my favorite jewelry magazines that I pick up at each show!

Lovely Ebony and Diamond Jewelry - Very Chic!

Antique Sterling silver purse found at a shop in Verona- Price about 660 Euro