I’ve been in New York city for three days now doing a training on Rhino CAD. It’s a great program that allows designers in various fields to model projects in 3D. It is exactly where the industry is growing during a time where companies are asking for more from everyone.  Below are some pictures from my class:

Rhino 3D Modeling of a bangle

Rhino 3D Modeling of a ring

Needless to say this trip was more than productive and worth it because I love learning and traveling, plus I had time to catch up with my great girlfriends!  As always, there was not enough time to see and do everything I would have liked but maybe next time I will have an opportunity to take pictures of some of the great jewelry vendors they have on the street.  =-)


P.S.  Later this week I’ll be traveling to Paris for a needed vacation with my family.  I will post some highlights to the blog!