My sister is an attorney and she is a awesome! One of many awesome people that I am fortunate enough to be inspired by on a daily basis. To make a long story short, I created a pendant for her that acknowledged her crossing over a hurdle in her life while celebrating the accomplishment of successfully reaching her goal, and achieving this precious milestone. I call it “Passing the Bar”. Check it out.

Diamond Crossing the Bar pendant

Diamond Crossing the bar pendant

A simple design with a diamond as a highlight.  I then made one for my lovely sister/friend (more of a sister than a friend) as she entered graduate school for teaching.  She is an inspiration to me and others, so to celebrate this new chapter, I made one for her in white gold with a pink sapphire.

Pink Sapphire Pendant

I think I’ll make one for me next…keep checking back to see what it will look like.   They are all very similar but unique to the wearer.  Contact me if you would like one as well!  What are you celebrating?